2nd Shot 

Welcome to Mifflin County Sportsmen's Association 2nd Shot, listings.
Think of this page as if you are posting a piece of paper on the bulletin board.

The rules are simple:

- You MUST be a member of Mifflin County Sportsmen's Association AND you must know (or be able to find) your membership number.
- Find something sportsmen related.  Maybe that leather holster that you no longer use.  Perhaps the bow that your youngest outgrew.  Maybe some ammo for that gun that you already sold.  
- Email JaynTee@tutamail.com a THOROUGH description of the item.  Include your name AND contact information.  The email MUST INCLUDE your valid membership number.  Your membership number can be found on your membership card.  Your membership number will be at the very top of your card, in the middle.  You will see No. and a number.  THAT is your membership number.

- Be sure the email includes the asking price, the age of the item, the condition, and any important information.  Try to add a photo of the item.  It will greatly increase the chance of a sale.
- We will update the items twice per week (based on incoming items and such).
- Once the item sells, we ask that you make a donation to 
Mifflin County Sportsmen's Association (5% seems like a fair amount).  If you plan on selling several items, you can make a donation for all at once

Now, we have to say this because sometimes people just do not get it.  Mifflin County Sportsmen's Association is NOT responsible for anything that you do not like about the item.  Mifflin County Sportsmen's Association will not be involved in resolving any issues regarding the purchase, sale, or trading of items.  Mifflin County Sportsmen's Association is ONLY listing the item(s) as if you posted a piece of paper on the bulletin board.

Item 1:

DIAMOND ARCHERY Prism 5-55lb Right Hand Compound Bow
I MAY have shot 10 arrows.  Then I pulled a tendon and well, shooting a compound bow is over.

Email JaynTee@tutamail.com or text me at 203-313-7409.  I will be in Lewistown the first week of October.
Bow comes with hard case, hand strap, whisker biscuit.  It is Like New.  $175 for everything.